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The Student Conduct office can be contacted at 508-626-4630.

The primary goal for the administration of discipline under the "Judicial Code" is to develop ethically responsible students, as well as to protect the campus community.

The university has the power and responsibility to take proper disciplinary action against students whose behavior threatens or disrupts the mission of the university. 

Daily responsibility for good conduct rests with the students as individuals.  All members of the university community are expected to use reasonable judgment in their daily campus life and to show due concern for the welfare and rights of others. 

The ultimate responsibility and authority to enforce the conduct code resides with the president of the university who has delegated authority to the dean of students who, in turn, delegates the authority to authorized and responsible staff.

The student judicial system was established in accordance with the concept of "due process" which means that the student will be notified of an alleged violation of "Student Conduct Code Regulations" and have the opportunity to review the complaint and be given a fair opportunity to be heard before a decision is rendered. 

The information contained on this page has been selected from the" RAM Student Handbook".  The full text can be found in the "University Guidelines and Policies" section of the "RAM Student Handbook".

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