Framingham State University recently redesigned its General Education model. Students who matriculated before the Fall 2013 semester fall under the "goal model." The Mathematics Department offers six courses that can be used to complete the Goal 2 (Quantitative) General Education Requirement.


Students who matriculated during the Fall 2013 semester or later fall under the new "domain model." Any credit bearing course housed in the Mathematics Department (course prefix MATH) will fulfill the core requirement. In addition, we offers a number of courses that will fulfill subdomain 2a.


For information about these courses and placement testing, please click on the General Education hyperlink on the menu at the right.


The course number, title, and description for all courses offered by the Mathematics Department can be accessed using the All Courses hyperlink on the menu at the right.


For access to the Framingham State University Undergraduate Catalogs for the past several years, please click on the Undergraduate Catalogs hyperlink on the menu at the right.

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