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Every Friday
Join us for mindful meditation led by Meghan Maxfield

Tuesday, 4/7
The Women’s Minority Initiative presents: Alejandra St. Guillen from the Office of New Bostonians.
The purpose of the Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians (MONB) is to strengthen the ability of diverse cultural and linguistic communities to play an active role in the economic, civic, social and cultural life in the city of Boston. MONB acts as a catalyst for providing opportunity, access and equality for immigrants, and highlights the contributions and the essential role that immigrants have played and continue to play in making Boston the world class city that it is. 

Wednesday, 4/8
Film Screening and Discussion: The Mask You Live In
Hemenway Hall 212 

Monday, 4/13
Diversity Dialogue: What was the Holocaust?
The History Club leads us in a discussion on the Holocaust. 

Tuesday, 4/14
Meet the author: Nell Braxton Gibson
Gibson lived through the civil rights movement and became involved in fighting for the rights of African American citizens. She was the first woman to serve on the Board of Trustees at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University.

In her book “Too Proud to Bend”, Gibson provides a valuable glimpse into her life as a young black girl during this tumultuous era in history. 

LGBT+ Initiative Meeting
The meeting is open to everyone on campus to come and discuss the LGBT+ experience at FSU. Free pizza!

Wednesday, 4/15
LGBTQ Training
Rebecca Minor from the Counseling Center leads us in a training session. 

Wednesday, 4/22
CDI General Meeting 

Wednesday, 4/22
Intercultural Graduation Ceremony
McCarthy Center Forum
The Division of Inclusive Excellence invites you to join us to honor graduating seniors at a special intercultural ceremony.


Relevant Advice & Mentoring for Multicultural Students


This mentoring program is designed to assist first year students of color in the achievement of academic and life skills. This will be accomplished through connections with the University in three distinct areas, academic excellence, interpersonal connections, and personal awareness.

RAMMS Brochure Part I
 RAMMS Brochure Part II and Application

  • Academic Excellence
    • Demonstrate habits that develop skills to enhance academic achievement.
    • Appreciate and achieve success as defined by the individual mentor teams.
    • Learn the value of a curriculum that includes general education well as major concentration requirements.
    • Eliminate the stigma associated with seeking outside academic assistance (ie. tutoring).
  • Commit to Interpersonal Connections and Social Involvement
    • Learn the value of involvement with the University outside the classroom through attending campus events, joining a club, participation in intramurals, etc.
    • Support the Campus Passport from the student's FSU Foundations class with an Involvement Plan that makes campus involvement intentional.
    • Learn to develop supportive friendships.
    • Understand the role and responsibility of student inside and outside the classroom.
    • Demonstrate appropriate behavior in academic and social settings.
  • Seek Personal Awareness
    • Explore a path to career and life success in way that incorporates unique individual experience, interests, passions, and expertise.
    • Ensure students accept individual responsibility for academic successes and failures.

Program Requirements

  • A positive attitude.
  • A willingness to learn.
  • Three face-to-face contacts with your mentor each month.
  • One session with all members of the program each month.
  • Blogging about your first year in the spring semester.

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