B. Tapestry

1974 The Iberian Peninsula -- University of Massachusetts

1975 The Sea in Medieval Times -- Mystic Seaport

1976 The Medieval Nobility -- Brown University

1977 Byzantium and the West -- Wellesley College

1978 Medieval Warfare -- College of the Holy Cross & Higgins Armory Museum

1979 Medieval Kingship -- Dartmouth College

1980 The Medieval Family -- University of Connecticut

1981 The Celtic Fringe of Medieval Europe -- Boston College

1982 Northern Europe in the Later Middle Ages -- Williams College

1983 Southern French Civilization in the High Middle Ages -- University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1984 The Civilization of Champagne and Burgundy -- Tufts University

1985 Hohenstauffen Germany -- Wesleyan University

1986 Anglo-Saxon England -- University of New Hampshire

1987 Animals in the Middle Ages -- Harvard University

1988 The Crusades -- Plymouth State College

1989 The Norse World -- Smith College

1990 Women and Authority -- University of Connecticut

1991 The Monastic Tradition -- University of Vermont, St. Michael's College & Trinity College.

1992 Columbus and the Maritime Tradition -- Peabody Museum & Salem State College

1993 Science and Technology -- University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1994 Joan of Arc and the Age of the Hundred Years War -- Higgins Armory Museum, with financial support from several colleges and universities in the Worcester Consortium

1995 From Antiquity to the Middle Ages -- Trinity College

1996 Dissonance and Diversity in Medieval Cultures -- Brown University

1997 Fraud and Propaganda in the Middle Ages -- University of Connecticut

1998 The Cultural Processes of Appropriation -- Maine Medieval Association

1999 Prophets and Prophecy in the Middle Ages -- Boston University

2000 Blood, Sweat, and Tears -- Yale University

2001 Things in General: Objects, Facts, and Materiality in Medieval Europe -- Dartmouth College

2002 TheWritten Word: Writing and Culture in the Middle Ages -- Rhode Island School of Design and Rhode Island College, Providence

2003 The Medieval Mediterranean -- University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and Amherst College

2004 Ceremony, Ritual and Performance -- Connecticut College (New London, CT)

2005 Medieval Conflicts, Modern Concerns -- Higgins Armory Museum (Worcester,

2006 NEMC Workshop for the Future--Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University (Paper presentation and discussion: Stratis Papaioannou, Brown University, "Performance as Mimesis: From Political to Fictional Discourse in Medieval Byzantium")

2007 The Tears of the Duchess: Gendering Diplomatic History in the Middle Ages--The College of the Holy Cross (Paper presentation and discussion: Lorraine Attreed, Department of History. The College of the Holy Cross)

2008 Crusade, Jihad, and Identity in the Medieval World--Dartmouth College

2009 Law and Justice in the Middle Ages -- Harvard University

2010 Other Worlds and the Otherwordly in the Middle Ages -- University of Connecticut (Storrs)

2011 Responses to Hard Times -- Bates College

2012 Objects of Desire: the Materiality of Medieval Culture -- University of Massachusetts Amherst

2013 Empathy, Antipathy, and Love: Emotions in the Middle Ages -- Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University

2014 Copies, Copying, and Mimetic Acts -- Middlebury College

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