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March 14, 2013

Framingham State University senior Jessiqua Claffey will travel to Washington D.C. in May to present research on the link between Facebook use and personality at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Claffey conducted the research with Dr. Cynthia Prehar from the Department of Psychology and Philosophy. The title of their paper is “Do the Rich Get Richer? How Extroversion and Self-Esteem Predict Facebook Behavior.”

Claffey and Prehar performed their study around the hypothesis that individuals who are highly sociable offline will also thrive in online social experiences.

“We surveyed 160 Framingham State students,” Claffey says. “Self-esteem did not emerge as a predictor of Facebook use. However, our results identified extroversion as a moderate predictor of online sociability.”

Prehar says acceptance into a national psychology conference is a rare achievement for an undergraduate.

“Jess and I began working together in May 2012, and she expressed interest in submitting to a national conference from the start,” Prehar says. “After several rigorous assignments, including synthesizing findings from nearly 20 articles and conducting advanced statistical analyses, Jess took the lead on writing our APS submission.”

Claffey says she nearly didn’t submit the paper to the conference due to time constraints. But thanks to a deadline extension of one day, she was able to submit it with just three hours to spare.

“I was really excited when I learned that our paper had been accepted,” Claffey says. “I’m really proud to represent FSU at a national conference like this.”

Following graduation this spring, Claffey hopes to lineup a clinical research position in the Boston area in order to build up her resume before applying to graduate school. She says she’s loved her time at FSU.

“The Psychology Department is great,” she says. “I’ve had some really awesome professors. The faculty and staff have been so supportive.”

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