Undergraduate Expected Student Program Outcomes

  1. Utilize nursing theory and research in making evidence-based decisions on nursing practice in relation to the three levels of preventive health nursing care.
  2. Utilize nursing process as a means of decision-making for refining and extending practice and insuring patient safety.
  3. Synthesize the theoretical and empirical knowledge from the natural and behavioral sciences and the humanities with nursing theory in preventive health care.
  4. Provide nursing activities of education, motivation, advocacy, and assistance to the person in relation to health.
  5. Demonstrate accountability for decision-making related to professional nursing.
  6. Evaluate research for applicability of its findings to nursing theory and practice.
  7. Demonstrate leadership skills through interaction with others as a professional nurse.
  8. Communicate effectively and collaborate with colleagues and others on the intraprofessional team to enhance the health care delivery system.
  9. Participate in resolving community and societal health needs through nursing activities.
  10. Provide comprehensive and individualized nursing care based on assessment which includes the person's socioeconomic status, life style, gender, culture, and personal values and beliefs.
  11. Utilize current electronic technology/computer to enhance nursing practice.
Program Information

For further information regarding the RN to BS(N) Program at Framingham State University, please contact: Dr. Susan M. Mullaney, Department Chair at smullaney@framingham.edu


Hybrid/blended format, utilizing both traditional classroom and online learning,  is being offered in most undergraduate nursing courses.

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