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Fall 2014 Enrollment (headcount)

Total: 6,499
Undergraduate: 4,609
Graduate: 1,890

All students who have helped finance their education through the Federal Stafford, Perkins, and Massachusetts NIL (No Interest Loan) programs are required to complete loan exit counseling. Graduating seniors who do not comply with this requirement will not be eligible to participate in Commencement and will not have degrees awarded until the exit interview has been completed (this is not just an FSU requirement; graduating students everywhere are required to complete the exit process).

Perkins Loans – Karen Barrows from Student Accounts will be sending the names of graduating students who have Perkins Loans to University Accounting Services (UAS). UAS will send out emails to the borrowers to go online to complete their EXIT INTERVIEW. The student will not be able to complete their exit interview until they receive this email. UAS will change the student’s status from enrolled to grace which starts the nine month grace period. Students are responsible to repay their loans and to notify the Office of the Registrar at the University AND UAS if they have a change in name, address, telephone number or email. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Karen Barrows at 508-626-4517 or email

If you have a Massachusetts No Interest Loan (NIL), please visit to complete the required online exit counseling. Upon accessing ECSI’s web site, click on the "STUDENTS" tab. Click on "need help logging in?" Input the requested information and click "submit" to receive your login credentials. Click on "Login Page" to log in to your account. Access "My Account", and then click on "Exit Interview" to complete this requirement.

If you have a Federal Stafford Loan, go to to complete the required online exit counseling. This web site will give you a list of your federal loans, contact information for your loan servicer(s), as well as, total amount borrowed and interest accrual of all federal loans borrowed.

Please contact Traci Hickey at with any questions regarding exit counseling for the Federal Stafford Loan and/or Massachusetts No Interest Loan


Source: Letter to graduating students, Class of 2013 (

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