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Flexibility continues to be a reason students register for our online programs, but this alone does not tell the whole story. Students appreciate the individual attention they receive from faculty and the collaborative learning experience in their online and hybrid classes.  

"I enjoyed learning practical applications to the topics we covered in this class. For example, I always liked when my classmates would post a link to an article or website that connected with a specific topic. To me, that experience of taking the quiz and finding out my result made the learning real. I also enjoyed when our class discussions revolved around our personal experiences with the topics we were reading about in the Feldman textbook. I felt that our opinions and experiences really mattered. My favorite activities were the weekly modules, when we had to post an initial, lengthier response, then reply to each other's posts over the course of a week. I learned so much by investigating the topics of interest in detail. I also learned a great deal by writing the research paper, as it was a topic of great interest to me personally."
Mary Christine Dion

"I have taken so many classes in the past that were not useful or helpful to my every day professional needs, and this class is so wonderful and useful.  The tutorials are so easy to follow and make seemingly overwhelming tasks turn out to be quite manageable."
Rebecca Kobrenski

"I liked seeing the variety of responses and diversity of the student body. I think having new & seasoned teachers, as well as people who are not yet in the classroom add to the level of discussion."
Sarah Puleo

" I believe that the discussion board is a great way for students to be more open in sharing personal experiences, more so than in a face to face classroom. ... The online experience allows students, like myself, to express myself more openly than I probably would in a F2F environment. Furthermore, I tend to express myself better in writing."
Tom Guarente



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