Physics and Earth Science Courses Appropriate for General Education (Gen.Ed.)

All students in the baccalaureate degree program must satisfy the Domain II general education requirements.  Domain II-A requires one (1) course in Analysis, Modeling, and Problem Solving, while Domain II-B requires two (2) courses in Natural Sciences from different departments, one of which must be a laboratory science course. Non-science majors can satisfy one Domain II-B requirement with any of the general education courses listed below: 

ASTR 220 The Solar System
ASTR 330 Stars and Galaxies

Earth Science
EASC 131 Conversations with the Earth: An Introduction to Geology
EASC 241 Introduction to Meteorology
EASC 246 Oceanography

GEOL 231 Physical Geology (Lab)
GEOL 232 Historical Geology: The Evolution of Earth and Life Through Deep Time (Lab)

Physical Science
PHSC 109 Introduction to Physical Science (Lab)

PHYS 111 Physics, Nature, and Society (Lab)
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics (Lab)
PHYS 211 Principles of Physics I (Lab)                               

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