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This journal was first published in the Spring of 1998. Yearly, FSU students completing Senior Theses or research-based Independent Studies of high quality are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to the journal editor. Blind reviews by students and faculty associate editors are conducted in the Fall. Papers that meet the journal-writing standards are then compiled into a yearly volume. New volumes are typically available by September of the following year. The journal is used as a teaching tool for incoming majors.

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Who may submit to the FSU Journal of Behavioral Sciences?

Any FSU undergraduate may submit a manuscript provided format requirements are met.  Most often the manuscripts represent senior theses of psychology majors, but submissions of work completed by students from non-psychology majors, from work completed for independent studies, etc would be accepted.  All written work must be completed by undergraduates and only undergraduate authorship is permitted.  FSU students also must currently be enrolled or recent (less than 1 year) graduates at the time of submission.

How do I submit my paper?

One hard/print copy of the manuscript must be submitted to the journal editor (currently Dr. Ludemann) by the first week of September.  Print the form from the link below and use it as a checklist of submission formating requirements.  Also complete the contact information at the end of the form.  Attach this completed form to the print copy and mail to Crocker Hall or drop off with the building secretaries.

What happens to submissions?

All manuscripts received by early September are copied with author identifying information removed.  These copies are distributed to at least 1 faculty reviewer and up to 2 upper-level student reviewers.  These reviewers have 4-6 weeks to complete the blind reviews and return their edits/comments to the journal editor.  The reviewers will make revisions suggestions, note problem areas, and make recommendations for acceptance or rejection. This latter aspect may include: acceptance with minor revisions, acceptance with moderate revisions, conditional acceptance pending a meeting with former faculty mentors, and rejection. The editor will summarize the reviewers comments, make additional notes within the hard copies, and decide on acceptance/rejection based on reviewer overall recommendations.  Letters and the edited hard/paper copies will be mailed to lead/first authors by mid- to late-December.  Accepted manuscripts must be revised and returned to the editor as email Word attachments by Mid-March.  The final journal will be formatted, printed, and bound by May, generally in time for graduation.  One copy will be mailed to each author.  Additional copies may be purchased through the campus bookstore (see below).

How likely is it that after all my work, my manuscript could be rejected?

Professional journals have a rejection rate of about 80%. The FSU Journal of Behavioral Sciences has a rejection rate of about 15-20%. Since this journal is used as a teaching tool by psychology faculty and as writing models by majors preparing research proposals and papers, it is important to maintain very strict quality standards for manuscript inclusion.  Rejection from the journal does not mean a paper was of low quality for a course  requirement.  Even papers that recieved As in a course may require substantial revision following the peer-review process and may even be recommended for rejection.

What are the benefits to participating in journal-related activities?

  • Experience as an Peer-Reviewer.
  • A publication. The journal is low-to-moderate in terms of competitiveness.
  • Awareness that with about 30-45 theses completed per year by psychology majors, only 25-50% of the resulting manuscripts ever reach the editor and reviewers.  Not all papers are recommended by faculty for submission.  If your faculty advisor has suggested that you submit - it means your research paper was well done.

How may I purchasing a copy of the journal?

  • Current  volumes of the FSU Journal of Behavioral Sciences are available in the campus bookstore. The cost is $7.50. The bookstore may be reached by phone at 508-626-4595.
  • Pamela Ludemann may be contacted for copies of specific past volumes (if still available): pludemann@framingham.edu

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