Expressing Thanks

What if there are faculty members I would like to thank for the knowledge they've shared or for the encouragement they've given? What can I do to express my thanks?

There are a number of ways in which students can appropriately thank faculty members.

a. Completing the class evaluation forms accurately and thoroughly is the simplest. The ratings on these forms do have some influence on instructors' yearly employment evaluations.  

b. Write a note to the professors you feel deserve recognition or thanks. Some students do this on the bottom of a final exam. Others leave professors notes in their office mail boxes or on their doors. These notes can make faculty persons feel good about the work they are trying to do.  

Write a note to the department Chair, the Vice Presidents or the President of the college about why you feel as you do about a professor or about some experience. These unsolicited notes of thanks are added to professors' promotion materials and carry significant weight.

c. Tell faculty members you hope that they will be attending graduation and that you will be looking for them. Though graduation is clearly the students' day of celebration, it is also exciting for faculty to see their students graduate. Faculty who feel students value their attendance are more likely to show up for the occasion.

What if I would like to express thanks generally for my education and experiences at FSC?

There are many ways to give thanks generally to the University.  For instance:

a. Large and small monetary gifts are always welcome by the Annual Fund. Funds are used to enhance the academic resources of the University.

In the Fall, alumni receive a fund-raising letter announcing the Fall Phonathon. During October-November, student representatives call, asking for pledges. 

In the Spring, mailings are sent to "Friends of the University," again asking for donations.

b. Participation in the newly formed FASTNET. FSU Career Services has been asking interested Alumni to make themselves available to students interested in following in their footsteps. Interested alumni may be contacted by students and asked about the skills needed in their area of work, suggestions in obtaining valuable experiences before graduation, and their views of the pros and cons of their current careers.

The willingness to accept and supervise student interns is always welcome. 

c. Should finances permit, large donations or endowments are welcome. Such large gifts may be set up for particular purposes of interest to the donor or given without restrictions.

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