Applying to the Major

If I'm undeclared or have a non-psychology major, can I  switch my major to psychology?

Students who do not enroll with psychology as their indicated major must apply to become a psychology major. Doing so requires that interested students:

  • Obtain an application to the major from the department/building secretaries & complete it fully.
  • Write a 300-word statement explaining why they want to be a psychology major.
  • Print out a copy of their Degree Audit from DegreeWorks (log on to MyFramingham).
  • Be sure the above materials are completed and turned in to the departmental chair before the deadlines each semester. Check the bulletin board outside the department chair's office for deadlines. They typically occur around the end of September and the middle of February.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered!

Instructions & application to the major form

Who decides whether someone is accepted into the major?

Each semester a committee of psychology faculty reviews student applications and selects those students whose materials appear to meet at least the minimum acceptance criteria. These students are then rank-ordered and recommended as new majors to the department chair. Final decisions are based on several factors:

  • The current number of psychology majors.
  • Availability of advisors.
  • Students' GPAs (2.5 is the minimum).
  • Other information provided in the applications.

How will I know if I have been accepted into the major?

You will receive a letter from the Department Chair. You will then need to make a trip to the registrar's office to complete paper work. Once all that is complete, psychology will be listed as your major in MyFramingham. You will also be assigned to a psychology advisor by the Department Chair.

What if I don't meet the minimum requirements for becoming a psychology major?

Given the popularity of the psychology major, it is very unlikely that an application showing a GPA of less than 2.5 will be considered. Similarly, incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Therefore, students not meeting the minimum requirement for applying or unable to thoroughly complete all materials are discouraged from applying. Students with Ds or Fs on their records might consider retaking these courses to raise their GPAs.

What if I'm not accepted? Can I apply again?

You are welcome to apply again to the major. Students may want to make an appointment to discuss with the chair of the selection committee why their applications were rejected. If your materials contained some deficits, the selection committee may have some recommendations that will improve your chances of acceptance. Recommendations may include retaking a course, taking a specific course, raising a GPA, and so forth. Sometimes, however, rejection is simply a matter of numbers (too many majors given the number of faculty) and otherwise your application may be fine.

What if I complete most of the courses required of a psychology major and then I apply. Wouldn't I automatically be accepted?

No. In fact, getting into courses indicated as "for majors only" is strongly discouraged and may lead the selection committee to view your application with disfavor. "Back-dooring" your way into a major is generally not viewed favorably by faculty!
Non-psychology majors who enroll in courses indicated in the college catalog as "for majors only" or "status/standing as a psychology major" will be removed from the class enrollment by the registrar.

Non-psychology majors may not receive instructor or department chair permission to enroll in courses indicated in the college catalog as "for majors only" or "status/standing as a psychology major."

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