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Can I bring a refrigerator to use in my residence hall room?
Yes, one compact refrigerator is allowed in single and double occupancy rooms and up to two units may be in a room with a capacity of three or more residents. 

What are the specifications for compact refrigerators in the residence halls?
The maximum capacity of a compact refrigerator-freezer unit is 3.0 cu ft (combined).  In accordance with Framingham State University's Climate Action Plan we also require that units be ENERGY STAR certified.

I was told that there’s no such thing as an ENERGY STAR certified compact refrigerator 3.0 cubic feet or under.  Is that true?
You were misinformed. The following is a list of compact fridges currently approved for use in the residence halls:  ENERGY STAR Compact Fridges 3.0 Cu Ft or Under*

*Please note that this list changes periodically and we will do our best to keep up.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit

My local stores do not carry ENERGY STAR certified compact refrigerators 3.0 cubic feet or under.  What do I do now?
While we do not recommend any particular vendor, in the past, several units meeting our specifications were available online.  This includes some local retailers who will ship those items for free to your local store for pick up.

Is there a microwave available for me to use in my residence hall?
Yes, residence halls have a common area kitchenette or lounge area with a commercial grade microwave oven for resident use.

Can I bring my own microwave to use in my residence hall room?
No, we do not allow stand-alone microwaves in resident rooms. Certain MicroFridge units, which include microwaves, are permitted in the residence halls.  Read on to learn more.

What is a MicroFridge?
A MicroFridge is a multipliance that includes a compact refrigerator and a microwave.  The unit has current-limiting circuitry which means that the unit has only one plug and the refrigerator will turn off temporarily while the microwave is in use and vice-versa.  This prevents the overloading of electrical circuits in the residence halls.

Can I rent a MicroFridge from FSU?
Yes.  A thorough overview of our RAM Refrigerator Rentals program including MicroFridge rental applications are available on our Web site If you are awaiting your roommate information, feel free to still apply to rent a Microfridge.  If duplicate orders/rental payments are received for a room, the second application and rental payment will be returned.

Can I bring my own MicroFridge to use in my residence hall room?
Residents are allowed to bring in privately owned MicroFridge (or like) units in accordance with policy as outlined in the “Guide to Residence Living:”

Personal MicroFridge-type units must be inspected and approved by the Office of Residence Life before they are brought past the residence hall's Security Desk. Units not rented from the University must meet the following specifications:

  1. 700 watt microwave max.
  2. max. 3.0 cubic foot total capacity freezer/refrigerator
  3. ENERGY STAR rated
  4. utilize current-limiting circuitry and have only one plug to the wall

Requests to bring a personal MicroFridge-type units (refrigerator and/or freezer) with a connected microwave into the residence hall should be made in writing to the Office of Residence Life with advance notice. Be sure to include make, model number, and power and size specification sheets with request.  Personal compact refrigerators/freezers that do not include a microwave must meet the approved energy-star units listed above and do not need to be approved via special email to Residence Life.

Requests should be submitted by the resident and can be e-mailed to The Residence Life staff will make arrangements to have professional staff inspect units when they are brought into the residence halls.

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