Criminology Major Requirements

The FSU criminology program is an interdisciplinary baccalaureate program, housed in the sociology department, that introduces students to three important dimensions of criminal behavior and crime control:  the role of law and legal systems, social/structural dimensions of crime, and individual/behavioral dimensions of crime. 

Requirements for the Major:

Seven (7) Core Courses:

SOCI  101  Introduction to Sociology
SOCI  121  Criminology
SOCI  234  Investigating Social Forces in American Society
SOCI  302  Sociological Methods I – Research Design
SOCI  303  Sociological Methods II – Data Collection & Analysis
SOCI  329  Social Deviance
SOCI  495  Internship in Sociology/Anthropology or
POSC 450  Internship in the Judicial System

Note: SOCI 495 Internship in Sociology/Anthropology must be in a criminology-related field.

Students must select six (6) elective courses, two (2) courses from each of the areas listed below.  Three (3) electives must be taken in a minimum of two (2) departments other than Sociology.

Law and the Legal System:

BADM 215  Legal Environment of Business
POSC 250  American Legal Systems (Gen Ed. Goal 10, Constitutions requirement)
POSC 315  Judicial Politics and Policy
POSC 316  U.S. Constitutional Law and Politics
SOCI  230  Law and Society

Social/Structural Dimensions of Crime and Criminal Behavior:

ECON 230  Urban Economics
POSC 337  Legislative Politics and Policy
SOCI 130   Social Problems
SOCI 245   Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 263   Social Inequality

Individual/Behavioral Dimensions of Crime and Criminal Behavior:

INTD 225   Biopsychology*
PHIL 102    Introduction to Ethics: Why be Moral? (Gen. Ed. Goals 4, 12)
PSYC 212  Adolescent Psychology* (Gen. Ed. Goals 9, 12)
PSYC 271  Principles of Behavior Modification*
PSYC 322  Abnormal Psychology*
SOCI 224   Juvenile Delinquency

Recommended Courses:

BIOL 142    Introduction to Human Biology (Gen. Ed. Goal 7, Lab)
MATH 117  Introduction to Statistics (Gen. Ed. Goal 2)
PSYC 101  General Psychology (Gen. Ed. Goal 9)

Goal 12 is satisfied through the major.

*Indicates course has a prerequisite

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