Global Studies Major (*)

The Global Studies major is an interdisciplinary baccalaureate program grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum. This program is based on three important principles:

(1) globalization affects us all, whether we remain local or look to other parts of the world;

(2) the connections between the local and global are not limited to one domain of life, but involve equally identities, economies, politics, environments, societies and cultures; and

(3) students gain from international, cross-cultural perspectives and experiences.

Students learn the historical causes and current process of globalization from an interdisciplinary foundation. They are given the tools to understand global relationships and learn about ways to introduce effective change in issues of global importance. The global studies major emphasizes a flexible structure, allowing students to share in the design of their major and to respond to emergent opportunities at the University and abroad. Experiential learning is stressed: students must study abroad for one semester and are encouraged to take internships and other service learning opportunities.


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