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The LIFT2 Middle School Engineering Careers Program of the Metro South/West Regional Employment Board places middle school math and science teachers in engineering companies, where they learn real-world applications of their subjects and see first-hand a wide range of engineering careers. This project also gathers an array of the best web-based resources on engineering careers and integrates this information into the three graduate courses all LIFT2 teachers take at Framingham State University. These resources provide teachers with strong resources for motivating and inspiring students to pursue STEM careers. The Engineering Center (TEC) partners with the LIFT2 program and recruits eight to 10 engineering companies for middle school teacher externships. TEC provides opportunities for teachers to take field trips to engineering companies and arranges to have young female and minority engineers as classroom speakers. During a three-year period we will enroll 200 teachers from 20 school districts. Indirectly, more than 20,000 students will benefit from this program.

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