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Student Accounts Office
Student Services Center 
McCarthy Center, Room 515
Summer Office Hours:
M-TU: 8:30 a.m. -6:00 p.m.
W-F:   8:30 a.m. -5:00 p.m.
Phone: 508-626-4514
Portal: my.Framingham 
Mailing Address:
Student Accounts
515 McCarthy Center
Framingham State University
PO Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101
Please refer to the Student Accounts myFramingham Guide to navigate around myFramingham to make online payments, set up Authorized Users, and much more!

Online (PREFERRED): You can pay your student account balance online by accessing your account via Once on the home page of myFramingham, click the down arrow under "Account Information" and select the first option from the drop-down menu, "Review Charges and Account Details."

You can pay by credit card using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Sorry, no PIN transaction debit cards accepted. You can also pay by electronic check (checking or savings). If you have a hold on your account because of a bill balance and the bill balance is paid in full, the hold will be released within twenty minutes.

In Person: We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. 

By Mail: If you'd like to mail your payment, please submit a check with your nine digit student ID number in the lower left hand corner of the check. Due to new credit card regulations, we cannot accept any credit card payments via the mail. Please do not mail cash.

Monthly Payment Plan- Tuition Management Systems (TMS)

     Telephone Number: 800-722-4867  Website:
The Monthly Payment Plan offered through Tuition Management Systems enables a student to budget all or part of the Student eBill without interest. The Plan may be used in conjunction with all forms of financial aid such as grants, loans, and scholarships. Monthly payments must be made to TMS by the first of each month.

A student may participate in a ten-month payment plan by budgeting costs from July 1 to November 1 for the fall term, and from December 1 to April 1 for the spring term for an enrollment fee of $55.00. You may also budget for a single term for an enrollment fee of $40.00.

A separate three month plan is available for the summer. There is an enrollment fee of $40 for this plan.

If you wish to enroll, you must do so prior to the due date of the Student eBill. To enroll, go to TMS directly at The University will be electronically notified that you have enrolled in the payment plan when the TMS application is complete and the enrollment fee has been paid.

The fall/spring term budgeted amount is credited to the student's FSU account. If you are delinquent in your payment to TMS, the University will consider your Student eBill unsatisfied.

General Notice Regarding All Payments

No credit is given for a term's work nor a degree conferred until all charges have been satisfactorily settled. Failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements can result in delay of graduation, denial of registration privileges, removal from classes and housing, withholding of transcripts and/or referral to a collection agency or attorney.

If the University deems it necessary to engage the services of a collection agency or attorney to collect or to settle any dispute in connection with an unpaid balance on a student account, the student will be liable for all collection agency and/or attorney's fees, reasonable expenses, and costs incurred. Accounts referred to a collection agency are reported to credit bureaus and are subject to the State Intercept program.



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