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Ready to take the involvement plunge but not sure where to begin?  Have you scanned the list of registered clubs and not quite found the match for you?  Forming or reactivating a club is a step many students take to be an active member of the FSU community.  Each year the deadlines for proposed clubs is published through Student Involvement.

Prior to starting the process, we recommend reviewing the current list of registered clubs and requesting a list of deactivated clubs from Student Government Association.  Make sure that the idea of your proposed club does not duplicate the purpose of an existing registered club. Additionally, students may re-activate clubs through the Intent to Register Process outlined  below.  Forming or reactivating a club involves completing some forms, meeting with Student Involvement, and participating in a 30 minute training session.

To begin the process, the interested student(s) must meet with the Director of Student Involvement (or her designee).  During this meeting students share the idea and purpose behind the proposed club and learn about the registration process.  Based upon the needs of the proposed clubs, students are guided to the appropriate resources to get things started.  In general, proposed clubs have 45 business days to complete the following:
Find a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor
Complete the Advisor Agreement Form
Hold a General Interest Meeting
Complete the mandatory Hazing Information and Signature Sheet for members
Attend a 30-minute workshop related to the basics of club business

Upon completion of the above items, the proposed club is directed to SGA to begin the Constitution process.  After the Constitution is accepted through SGA, the club must conduct elections and submit the Officer Responsibility form to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development.  At that time, an organization site is created for the club on Collegiate Link.

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