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Attend a study abroad information session to learn more about study abroad.

Check out our Faculty Led Study Tours Abroad!


If you have not already browsed our Programs, you can begin there, by narrowing down options of where you want to go and when you want to go. Or you can set up an appointment with the OIE.

Things to consider in planning where to study:

  • Narrow possibilities by geographic location, i.e. South America
  • If possible narrow by country of interest – are you interested in studying anywhere in South America or do certain countries interest you more? 
  • Identify any specific academics of interest – i.e. studying both Biology and Portuguese.    

Deciding when to study, consider:

  • Semester/Academic Year
  • Summer
  • Winter or Spring Break
  • Duration of shorter programs, between 2 and 6 weeks usually
  • When in your academic career you want to study abroad – this should take into account academic requirements. Contact your advisor and the OIE to discuss options.

 Other things to Consider:

  • Attend a Study Abroad Information Session to learn more about the process
  • Talk to your academic advisor about courses you could consider taking abroad.
  • **Make an appointment with OIE to discuss your abroad options as early as possible.**

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