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Congratulations on your acceptance to Framingham State University!Welcome

As soon as you confirm your attendance, we will be sending you information about your arrival at Framingham. You will receive a packet of information. It will cover topics such as life in the United States and on campus, and important information on obtaining your visa.

The Office of International Education is open all year, so please be in touch with us if you have questions during the coming months.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Next Steps

The International Student Handbook is a good overview of what to expect from your time of arrival and includes such helpful topics as: traveling in the US, getting familiar with Framingham, and student life at Framingham, and the basics of staying in status as a student.

For more focused information on your visa, maintaining your immigration status, and employment, you should review the Quick Guide for International Students.

You should review the visa and immigration page for detailed information on obtaining your F-1 student visa.

The following links should be helpful for you while you are studying in the United States:

Student and Exchange Visitor
Immigration forms and fees
U.S. Department of State: visa information
U.S. Education Guides
U.S.A Study Guide: International Student Scholarship
International Student Exchange and Study Abroad Resource Center

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