Major in American Sign Language-English Interpreting

American Sign Language-English Interpreting

The American Sign Language-English Interpreting program is a degree-completion program offered by Framingham State University (FSU) to students with advanced standing. All program courses are currently offered at the Haverhill campus of Northern Essex Community College or on-line.

Admissions Requirements

Prior to entering Framingham State University’s program, students need to have completed:

  1. An introductory level course in American Sign Language/English Interpreting
  2. Advanced American Sign Language I
  3. Advanced American Sign Language II
  4. Three (3) courses in the area of Deaf Studies, such as:
    • American Sign Language Linguistics
    • Deaf Literature and Folklore
    • Introduction to Deaf Studies
    • Introduction to the Interpreting Field
    • Deaf Community
    • Deaf Culture

See the Course Descriptions.


Admission to the program is offered during fall enrollment only.

Major Core Requirements (8)

  • MLSL 221 American Sign Language: English Interpreting I
  • MLSL 222 American Sign Language: English Interpreting II
  • MLSL 301 Advanced American Sign Language III
  • MLSL 302 Advanced American Sign Language IV
  • MLSL 313 American Sign Language: English Interpreting III
  • MLSL 314 American Sign Language: English Interpreting IV
  • MLSL 451 Interpreting Practicum and Seminar I
  • MLSL 452 Interpreting Practicum and Seminar II

Related Required Courses (3)

  • COMM 115 Introduction to Speech Communication
  • COMM 260 Voice and Articulation
  • ENGL 297 English Grammar: Structure/Analysis

Writing Intensive Requirement (1)

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • ENGL 280 Persuasive Writing
  • ENGL 282 Creative Writing
  • ENGL 284 Prose Writing
  • ENGL 286 Professional Writing

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