Vice President Holloway and three members of Brother 2 Brother pose humorously on the front steps of Dwight Hall.

Brother to Brother

Cameron Seemore, Niko Daughtry, Vice President Holloway and Deron Hines

Club Spotlight

How would you describe your club?

Our group is designed to promote brotherhood and be a comfortable place for men on campus. It’s really good for younger guys to get direct and helpful advice in their transition in their first year, because we have a lot of older guys who can help them out with the pressures they might feel. It’s a safe space and place that you can come to be around people who really want to help you succeed.

What is something people don’t know about the club?

We think people don’t realize that it’s not just for people of color, or they think that women can’t attend. There is also a stigma sometimes about who people are who are in clubs or they think they are “too cool” to join a club. We talk about real issues, and it becomes natural for us to talk about issues that people in other situations might find uncomfortable.

Tell me about something funny that has happened or happens with your club.

We did this exercise where we had to pick random topics out of a hat and give a 2-minute speech about it, but they were topics like “water bottles” or “sofa.” People were just describing the object and then couldn’t think of things to say. It became kind of funny, but also because everyone was still trying to encourage the people speaking.

What event has made you really proud of group?

When we showed the movie Whose Streets ( It was great that there were people who didn’t know what is going on in the black community there, and we had a great conversation afterwards with so many different emotions in the room. It was good to see that kind of conversation on campus. Our annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament is getting bigger and better each year; it’s exciting to have an idea and be able to develop it into a real event. We also organized Pillow Talk, which will be an open dialogue about sex and relationships on college campuses. We know what serious conversations we have with our roommates, but we don’t necessarily talk about those things with women and they don’t talk about those things with us.

What are some activities you have planned or are planning?

Several of our members are going to be able to attend the annual Black, Brown and College Bound conference in Florida ( at the end of March. We are also planning our 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

What are the benefits to being a club member?

Meeting new people and getting that support from them. It is good to hear what other people who aren’t like me/us think. It’s a way to learn. Networking. We have alums come back and tell us about what it’s like in the real world. We have also been able to make contacts at all different levels to give us opportunities while we are in school and after.