Four members of Psi Chi pose with VP of E&SD Lorretta Holloway in DPAC Auditorium.

Psi Chi International Psychology Honors Society

Vice President Holloway with members of Psi Chi

Club Spotlight

How would you describe your organization?

We are a chapter of the international honors society, so it's really cool to be a part of a larger network. We have some great integrative conversations about social issues and events that we are planning. We try to work on events and community projects. Our last project was a fundraiser for Serenity House (

What is something you want people to know about the club?

We are a part of this because we really like Psychology and want to be part of something bigger. We have relaxed conversations and do service, but also have great interactions with faculty members that we would not have met. We also connect with others students what we might not have met otherwise. You also have great networking opportunities.

Tell me about something funny that has happened or happens with your club.

Our last club officer nomination process was amusing. Our current vice president stood up and talked about why she wanted to be president. She thought it was going to be a discussion, but we were all like okay you should be vice president.

What event has made you really proud of the group?

Our bake sale was a real success for us. We weren’t expecting very much, because people do bake sales all the time. It made us feel good that members were so eager and willing to help. We were really impressed and grateful with the great posters and baked goods. We were able to use the money to buy supplies for Serenity House.

What are some activities you have planned or are planning?

On April 10 is our student/faculty luncheon. It’s an event for all psychology students to have an opportunity to talk to faculty outside the classroom. Our induction ceremony is scheduled for May 5 for fall and spring applicants. The new officers get sworn in during this as well. Families and faculty attend.

Is there any assumptions about your organization that people have that you want to dispel?

People think that because we are an honors society that we are really exclusive. You do have to have the requirements to be in an honors society, but we are really low key. There also isn’t a lot of work. Some students might not want to join because they think it will take too much time. On the other hand, there are people who think we don’t do anything at all, which isn’t true.  We really like doing community work.  We are really welcoming. We really want more people to join.