Members of the club MISS posing with VP Holloway at a conference table in the President's conference room.

M.I.S.S. (Motivation. Intersectionality. Sisterhood. Solidarity.)

Vice President Luisiana Castillo, Officer at Large Mariah Farris, Treasurer Tanajia Jordan, and President Amari Veale with Vice President Holloway

Club Spotlight

How would you describe your club? How would you say you are distinctive from other affinity groups?

We focus on sisterhood and empowerment of different women from different backgrounds rather just academics or activities or service. Our sisterhood goes beyond Framingham State. Our meetings can become very emotional not just because we get so close to each other, but because we dedicate every other meeting to sisterhood cultivation.

What is something people don’t know about the club?

First of all, most people don’t know what M.I.S.S. stands for: Motivation. Intersectionality. Sisterhood. Solidarity. Everyone thinks that members are close before joining the club, but many of us didn’t know each other before joining the club. It’s just that the whole point of the club is to build bonds, so we seem close. We organize a lot of networking opportunities to meet other people on and off campus—not only other students, but faculty and staffto see what other people are doing. We are not just about women of color, but have women of all races and many men as allies. When we do our annual pinning ceremony, they all get pinned as well. It’s about anyone who is interested in uplifting a group that has traditionally been oppressed.

Tell me about something funny that has happened or happens with your club.

We did this exercise where we had to pick random topics out of a hat and give a 2-minute speech about it, but they were topics like “water bottles” or “sofa.” People were just describing the object and then couldn’t think of things to say. It became kind of funny, but also because everyone was still trying to encourage the people speaking.

What is your club motto?

Many branches, one tree.

Tell me about something funny that has happened or happens with your club.

We laugh all the time, but we’ve had a lot of funny episodes with our poster people. Once we wanted to promote body positivity, so one of the group’s poster people created a flyer and posted it on our Facebook page. Then when we looked, we realized it was of a completely naked woman! None of us could delete it fast enough! All of us were like “Delete! Delete! Delete!” and it didn’t seem to be coming down. Another time, we posted a flyer for one of our Women Crush Wednesday events, and the flyer person put the wrong picture on it.

What event has made you really proud of the group?

Our Art in the Dark showcase. When the idea was brought up, we weren’t really sure about it, but we had a lot of different people from across campus, new people, come to the event. It was a very large crowd.

What are some activities you have planned or are planning?

We are doing a prom dress drive for Sisters Day. We are collecting prom dresses for Framingham High School and Keefe Tech High School. We hope to have dresses and accessories for 12-15 girls. We also are going to have another Women Crush Wednesday on April 11.

What are the benefits to being a club member?

The sisterhood aspect of the club. You can tell that people genuinely care about each other. We regularly check in with each other. The sisterhood is not just during club times or events. A group of us even decided to travel together over spring break. We went to Cuba: doing a tour of Havana, swimming with dolphins, and snorkeling. Once a sister, always a sister.