Her Campus

Co-President Rachel Smith, Co-Social Media Marketer & Events Coordinators Katerina Ebrecht and Rachel David, Features Editor Victoria Bailey, and Secretary Maria Hornbaker

Club Spotlight: Her Campus

Club Name: Her Campus at Framingham State University

Website: https://www.hercampus.com/school/framingham

How would you describe your club?

We are inclusive of all people and allowing different opinions. Writing is our main focus, but we are also interesting in marketing and social media. The club gives people a great opportunity to write about any topic they want at various lengths. It’s a great way to network, for example, there is a huge conference every summer in New York City with Her Campus members from all over the country.

What event has made you really proud of your group?

The Clothes Swap. We bring in clothing items and market it to students. You bring something you don’t want to wear anymore and take something you like. Then we donate leftover clothes to women's shelters or the Salvation Army.

What are some activities you have planned or are planning?

After Thanksgiving, we are organizing a discussion forum on the possible changes to Title IX in the Betsy DeVos era. We hope to work with Kim Dexter on putting a panel together. We are also working on a career-themed event for next semester.

Tell me about something funny that has happened or happens with your club.

It’s hard to choose because we laugh a lot. We play very aggressive Pictionary—making up crazy school/FSU-themed words.

What is something you want people to know about the club?

Her Campus is not only for women and the articles are not just by women. We write about lots of different things from serious medical issues to the best Beyonce gifts.

What are the benefits to being a club member?

We get invited to lots of different HerCampus events—fashion shows, press events, shopping events, parties, and conferences. Her Campus also sends us survival kits and we are required to do giveaways with some of items that we get sent.