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Federal Grants, including National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation Five-Year Budget Template

Federal Government Budget Justification Template

For any submission to the National Science Foundation (NSF), you will need to include the following components:  Cover sheet, Summary Description, References, BioSketch, Budget, Justification, Current & Pending, Facilities, Equipment & Other Resources, Data Management Plan, and a Post-Doc Plan (if applicable). These components are part of the proposal you will write, with the exception of the BioSketch and Current & Pending forms. Plan to finish everything for final uploading at least one week prior to the deadline.

OGSP recommends starting with creating or updating your Biosketch (now three pages long) and Current & Pending Support Forms with the newest formats available, Forms 22-1 and NSF CPS 22-1.  You can create both a Biosketch and Current and Pending Form at SciENcv, which will automatically update to the newest forms/formats. Sign in with your NSF ID and password to create the documents.

OGSP reviews the NSF Proposal and Award Policy and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) yearly as well as attends the annual NSF conference for the latest information. If you are interested in exploring an NSF grant, please contact us to obtain relevant updates, and/or set up an exploratory call with an NSF program officer to maximize your chances for success.