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FSU partners with Boston Children’s Hospital to conduct the Framingham State Food Study

Dr. Patricia Luoto, professor emeritus, has been named Project Director in a unique new partnership between Framingham State University and world-renowned Boston Children’s Hospital. This collaboration is conducting a state-of-the-art food study entitled Dietary Composition and Energy Expenditure during Weight-Loss Maintenance. The study, funded by Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI), promises to provide fundamental knowledge about how to design more effective approaches to the prevention and treatment of obesity.

Studies have found that many overweight and obese people can lose weight for a few months, but most have difficulty maintaining weight loss over the long-term. One explanation for the poor long-term outcome of conventional diets is that weight loss causes biological adaptations that promote weight re-gain. This partnership will conduct research over the period of three full academic years and will focus on dietary effects on insulin resistance, cortisol excretion, and other chronic disease risk factors to yield definitive results supporting prior study’s findings.

Patricia Bossange

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