Campus Public Health Metrics – August 12, 2020

Dear FSU Community,

As we prepare to repopulate for the start of the fall semester, I know many of you have been interested in how the University will determine if and when we need to adjust our operations due to a potential increase in the spread of COVID19 on campus.

The attached guidance document created by the FSU COVID Oversight Team is informed by evidence-based science and expert opinion and is intended to help us monitor the spread of the disease in our community. It contains the metrics we will monitor – both on our campus and within the larger community – to determine if the risk to our community has increased, as well as the potential actions the University may take in response, up to and including a full transition to remote learning.

The COVID Campus Analytics Team (CCAT), relying on Massachusetts and local Departments of Public Health (DPH) support, will analyze available data based on the parameters in this document.

I continue to be so thankful for the incredible work so many of you have done to get us to this point and prepare us for the upcoming academic year.