Continuity Team Updates for the Week of August 16th

Dear FSU Community,

Below and attached are the Continuity Team updates for the week of 8/16. The community is invited to continue sending in thoughts and feedback to

Key Dates Moving Forward:

Week of August 16th - Deans and VPs will determine and authorize on-campus and off-campus remote service hours and the level of staffing for each area.  These schedules will be publicized via the web and on office hours.

August 24th to September 1st – COVID19 testing for returning students and employees from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. each day.

August 26th –  Move-in date – residential life staff.

August 27th to September 1st - residential student move-in.

September 2nd – First day of the Fall semester.

Continuity Team Updates for the Week of August 16th:

Academic Affairs Continuity Team:

  • No update for this week.

Administrative Services Continuity Team

  • The ASCT reviewed various administrative areas readiness for fall operations in order to identify:
    • issues that have not yet been completed in preparation for the fall semester,
    • the anticipated timing for completion of such items, and
    • any assistance needed to address the outstanding items. 
  • In general, the plans that have been developed have been put into place.  Some outstanding items that continue to be addressed include: adjustments to classrooms and labs based on faculty review of revised setups; identification of which classrooms that have been adjusted that no longer will be needed for scheduled courses will be utilized as remote instruction areas; final installs of technology in classrooms (with recognition that up to four of the larger classrooms will have initial capability to be further enhanced shortly in the semester); continued faculty training opportunities through the start of the semester; responses to last minute supplies requests (availability has not been an issue); and, a trial run for testing will occur on Friday with testing operations to commence on Monday.  Identified issues that need further consideration by the Covid Oversight Team include direction on use of visitor logs and when the Acknowledgement of Risk Form that has been developed should be employed. 

Broad Spectrum Continuity Team:

  • The group received updates from Kim Galvani regarding University Transportation (shuttles and RAM Trams).  She described reduced seating, face covering requirements, protective barriers for drivers and changes to parking to allow for reduced time in shuttle runs.
  • There was much discussion regarding monitoring on campus and community data on COVID-19 cases.  The newly formed COVID Campus Analytics Team (CCAT) will examine public health data, student enrollment information for resident and commuter students and local testing result information to note any trends or information that might cause the University to change any operations.
  • The testing group will begin training and operations of testing assistants on August 21 and then continuing with employee testing beginning on August 24 (voluntary) and then through the progressive student move in commencing on August 26. After initial onboarding testing, testing will be held weekly (Tuesdays).
  • Access to parking and buildings was addressed and University Police will be sending out notices to those affected by any of these changes.  Building securing will return to prior practice as of this week.

Enrollment Management Continuity Team:

  • No update for this week.

Instructional Continuity Team:

  • The Instructional Continuity Team d discussed and agreed upon a communications plan for the following:
    • Instructional Continuity Guide for Faculty
    • Student Orientation to Online Learning
    • Remote Access to Software
    • Lecture Capture
      • Policy
      • Standards and Guidelines
    • IT Support – Availability & Hours of Operation 

Student Programs and Support Continuity Team:

  • The next two scheduled meetings of the Student Programs and Support Continuity Team have been cancelled so that focus can be placed on testing and move-in. The team is working to establish bi-monthly meetings once the semester begins.