Continuity Team Updates for the Week of July 19th

Dear FSU Community,

Below are the Continuity Team updates for the week of 7/19. The University's Plan for a Return to Learning and Working on Campus can be found on the COVID Webpage under Repopulating Safely. The community is invited to continue sending in thoughts and feedback to

Key Dates Moving Forward:

July 15th to August 15th:

  • Periodic repopulation as needed for ongoing work requirements and to prepare for August Repopulation (e.g. safety preparations, install plexiglas, staff scheduling, rearrange furniture, relocations, etc…).
  • All signage established on campus.
  • Employee health & safety training conducted.
  • Telework agreements re-reviewed by supervisors to verify validity for fall 2020.

August 1st – Deadline for first-year students to withdraw from housing without penalty.

August 3rd – Student bills due date.

August 10th – Student drop for Non-payment of bills.

Week of August 16th - Deans and VPs will determine and authorize on-campus and off-campus remote service hours and the level of staffing for each area. These schedules will be publicized via the web and on office hours.

August 26th – Move-in date – residential life staff.

August 27th to September 1st - residential student move-in.

September 2nd – First day of the Fall semester.

Continuity Team Updates for the Week of July 19:

Academic Affairs Continuity Team:

  • The Academic Affairs team is working with ETO/ITS to identify fall technology needs of faculty, both for those teaching on campus and those teaching remotely.

Administrative Services Continuity Team

  • Bookstore Plan
    • Review of plans including store layout, customer flow, and cashiering adjustments; occupancy limits; mobile ordering; and, order pick-up logistics.
    • Follett (bookstore vendor), in conjunction with FSU Student Accounts and Information Technology Services, is implementing a new technology system to improve use of financial aid book vouchers for both on-campus and on-line purchases.
  • Dining Plan
    • Review of plans including revised seating layouts; food station plans; dining occupancy and timing limits; mobile ordering program; partitions, cleaning, and sanitation protocols; menu adjustments; and, focus on take-out offerings.
  • Residence Halls Plan
    • Review of plans including occupancy adjustments (predominantly one person per bedroom with some "household units" in suite configurations); scheduled move-in periods with occupancy occurring over six days (coordinated with extended dining program); touchless move-in process; pre-move-in quarantine protocol for out-of-state students; common space adjustments to support social distancing; laundry and shower sign-up procedures; guest restrictions; mask use requirements; alternative programming plans; reserved isolation rooms (with coordinated meal provision); and, testing plans.

Broad Spectrum Continuity Team:

  • Final discussions with collective bargaining units re: Plan for Return to Learning & Working On Campus – July 21
  • Publication of Plan for Return to Learning & Working On Campus – July 22
  • Contact Tracing solutions continuing to be vetted by the subcommittee.
  • Community Commitment Agreement under revision for final publication anticipated in early August.
  • Kick-off virtual meeting with Broad Institute re: COVID-19 Testing – July 21
  • Virtual Town Hall scheduled for August 4 @ 1:30.

Enrollment Management Continuity Team:

  • The Enrollment Management Continuity Team did not meet this week.

Instructional Continuity Team:

  • The available inventory of computers, MiFi hotspots, and headphones with microphones the University will have to loan to students was finalized. A meeting will be held next week to determine the designated administrative office charged with managing the inventory and deciding which students qualify for eligibility.

Student Programs and Support Continuity Team:

  • Athletics – Fall athletics (varsity and club) have been cancelled, but not winter sports (decision in mid-September). Practices for athletes will not be until two weeks into the semester and there should be more flexibility for when athletes can practice with less people on campus. There are less athletes taking a leave of absence than Athletics and Residence Life thought there would be.
  • Ram Student Handbook – The handbook has been updated with COVID-19 regulations and cover social distancing from the perspective of living on campus. The updates include classroom procedures as well, which was important to faculty.
  • Marketing – Marketing and Communications staff have been working on COVID-19 posters with the tagline "Care for yourself, care for others," which could be adopted widely by other departments. FSU's Social Media Coordinator has developed a template she uses for social media outreach for official communication and will be using this to share these visuals on social media platforms.