COVID-19 Testing

Framingham State University is no longer offering surveillance testing.

COVID Testing is Strongly Recommended:

  • After developing new COVID-like symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, etc.
  • 5 full days after known exposure to COVID-19

Framingham State Health Center (HC) encourages all students and employees to keep rapid COVID antigen tests on hand to self-administer as needed, especially in the event of COVID-like symptoms, or a recent known exposure.

Accessing Tests on Campus:

Free at home rapid antigen tests can be picked up outside of Foster Hall, Room 208 as needed, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Contact Pam Lehmberg at with any questions about obtaining rapid tests on campus.

Free self-administered PCR testing is also available, when indicated, through a partnership with COLOR. Learn more about PCR testing.

Off-Campus Tests:

Students and employees can obtain rapid antigen tests off campus at your local pharmacy covered by your insurance.

Positive COVID-19 Test Results Notification:

Students who have tested positive should inform the HC at to receive care and consultation as needed. While in isolation students should also inform the Dean of Students office and their professors that they will miss class due to illness. Close contacts should also be notified either directly or through a service like, Tell Your Contacts

Faculty and staff who test positive should inform Human Resources at or call 508-626-4570.

HC Clinical Services

The HC provides in-person and telehealth care exclusively to Framingham State University students. HC does not provide healthcare to FSU staff or faculty. FSU staff and faculty with COVID symptoms should seek medical advice and care from their PCP or local urgent care centers.

For more information about COVID Testing at FSU see the Fall Testing Protocol and FAQ.

PCR Testing

Generally, the UHC recommends people utilize rapid antigen tests instead of PCR tests because the results are available in 15 minutes and a positive test indicates that the test taker is currently potentially infectious toward others. However, for the few situations where a PCR test is indicated, the UHC offers free self-administered PCR test kits for FSU students and employees. Results of the PCR tests will be available 24-48 hours after the specimen is received by the lab. Please see the CDC’s recommendations on choosing a Covid test.

Self-administered PCR test kit pick up and drop off is available on Mondays, between 10am-1pm in the designated area outside Foster Hall, Room 208. In the event of a Monday holiday, PCR test kits can be picked up and dropped off on Tuesdays, between 10am-1pm.

Once the kit has been pick up, follow instructions:

  1. Create a COLOR account (this only has to be done before the first test):
    1. Navigate to
    2. Enter your FSU email
    3. Confirm your name and email address
    4. Authenticate via FSU authentication pages
  2. Obtain a specimen in a private location, away from others
  3. Activate the test at Enter the codes on the specimen tube per the instructions to activate the test
  4. Drop the kit off in the designated area outside Room 208 of Foster Hall

Specimens must be collected on the same day that the test kit is activated and dropped off.

Watch the videos on how to create an account, activate the kit, obtain the specimen and return the kit to the designated area. FSU has a SSO (single sign in) with COLOR, so the best way to login is always through There is an instruction card in every kit.

For questions or concerns about COLOR login, COVID test results, or other COLOR technical problems please contact COLOR support:
Hours: Daily 9 am-8 pm

For questions about obtaining a PCR test on campus email Pam Lehmberg.