Office of Assessment


Biology Mission Statement

The Mission of the Biology Department at Framingham State University is to provide a diverse student population with an excellent, comprehensive undergraduate education in the life sciences within the context of a liberal arts curriculum.  We strive to engage students in biological concepts and guide them to understand current biological principles and processes.  We emphasize experiential learning through laboratory exercises, field experiences and working closely with faculty in biological research.  Students may select from concentrations in General Biology, Wildlife and Environmental Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Science, Pre-professional Studies and Biology Secondary Education Teaching.  Our program prepares students for employment in research, teaching, and the pursuit of advanced degrees in biology or health-related professional schools. 


Biology Major Learning Objectives

  1. Develop a broad understanding of the basic principles of biology, including the molecular, cellular, organismal, population, community, ecosystem, and global levels.  Understand how these basic principles have developed and apply them to past events and current issues.
  2. Gain familiarity with the characteristics and ecological roles of a diverse array of living organisms and understand the evolutionary mechanisms that produced this diversity.
  3. Understand the scientific process. Learn to apply appropriate experimental design, technology, and statistical methods to scientific problems.
  4. Acquire experience with a wide range of laboratory and field techniques used in biology today.  Understand and practice appropriate record keeping for data collection and analysis.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to apply information technology appropriate for effective communication, data collection and analysis.
  6. Develop competence using library and electronic resources to access biological information. Learn to evaluate and organize biological information and present it clearly in written and oral form.