Office of Assessment

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Mission Statement

The mission of the Liberal Studies program is to help students appreciate the common intellectual ground bridging separate academic disciplines.  The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Liberal Studies is intended as an opportunity to enable students, under faculty-advisor guidance, to design a unique program of study not readily available within the existing curricular structure of the University. Students in this major have the opportunity to experience a broad course of study in the traditional liberal arts and sciences which fosters critical thinking, disciplined writing, and oral communication skills.

Liberal Studies Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify and apply the approaches and methodologies utilized by at least two different academic disciplines.
  • Demonstrate strong written communication skills, as follows:
    • Appropriately and effectively employ the research methods, terminology, and other conventions of their fields of concentration.
    • Use bibliographic and research aids as appropriate to their respective interdisciplinary program.
    • Write a substantive, source- based paper which demonstrates critical thinking through a reasoned and articulate argument based on relevant evidence.
  • Demonstrate strong oral communication skills for informal discussions as well as formal presentations.