Office of Assessment


Mathematics Mission Statement

The mission of the Mathematics Department is twofold:  to provide a strong, broad-based preparation in mathematics and its related skills to enable students to select a variety of career paths in which the knowledge and intellectual skills of mathematics can be used.  Secondly, we function as a service department to other programs on campus.


Mathematics Major Learning Objectives

The goals of the mathematics curriculum for the mathematics major will develop, in the student, competencies in analysis, algebra, probability and statistics, number theory, geometry, technology, and the history and applications of mathematics.  It will also develop and enhance such relevant abilities as critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, including intuition and rigor, modeling, and oral and written communication skills in mathematics.

The combination of the mathematics curriculum and the general education portion of the University curriculum is such that the career paths open to the student are broad and varied from teaching, actuarial science, statistics, graduate studies, and more.

In order to carry out its mission, the Mathematics Department strives to meet the needs of a diverse campus and student body through periodic assessment of its course and program offerings.  The faculty is committed to developing and improving students’ problem solving and reasoning skills, as well as their mathematical knowledge, in order to prepare them to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.  The department will continue to offer programs to meet the ever changing needs of the students and the nation.  Our continuing goal is the achievement of excellence and scholarship by all of our students.