Office of Assessment

Modern Languages

Modern Languages Mission Statement

The mission of the Modern Languages Department is to create and sustain an intellectually challenging and diverse academic environment through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. In this new era of global interaction, learning a second language has become a vital part of the basic preparation for an increasing number of careers. Knowledge of at least one other language definitively enhances a graduate’s mobility and career advances. When learning a foreign language, students also learn about the different countries, cultures, people and communities that are associated with that language. Courses are designed in accordance with the national standards for foreign language education which center around five goals, also called the five C's of foreign language education --Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. A program of second language study will prepare you to participate in today's increasingly interdependent world.


Modern Languages Major Learning Objectives

  1. Students will perform at the Advanced Low level of language proficiency based on the ACTFL Guidelines in all areas of communication, with emphasis on oral proficiency. 
  2. Students will be able to identify trends and characteristics of the literature and cultures associated with their chosen language.
  3. Students will be able to identify diverse cultures where the target language is spoken, and compare and contrast characteristics of these cultures (history, linguistic variation, social institutions). 
  4. Students will be able to successfully function linguistically and socially in the target culture, which is best demonstrated through a structured study abroad program and/or intensive immersion experience in a target language community.
  5. Students will be prepared to enter a professional career in teaching or another field in which language skills are necessary, and/or for graduate studies in related fields.
  6. Students will continue to improve their language proficiency after they complete the program with the understanding that language learning is a life-long process.