Office of Assessment

Physics and Earth Sciences

Physics and Earth Sciences Mission Statement

The Physics and Earth Sciences Department at Framingham State University strives to provide an excellent education in physics, physical science, and the geological sciences for all students.  We seek to inculcate in our students a scientific appreciation of the physical universe, an understanding of the underlying patterns and connections in nature as embodied in natural laws, and the quantitative and reasoning skills that are necessary for an individual to think like a scientist.  Through innovative and interactive teaching methods based on current science pedagogy, we seek to enable the student to learn and practice the scientific method, relate content in the classroom to their daily experience, and to ponder the complex relationship between science, the environment, and society.  The department is committed to encouraging diversity in our program.


Physics and Earth Sciences Major Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire basic knowledge and a conceptual understanding of the subject.
  2. Understand and apply the scientific method to solve problems.
  3. Develop math, problem solving, and reasoning skills appropriate to the subject.
  4. Acquire basic laboratory skills (if applicable).
  5. Understand the subject’s relation to society and the environment.
  6. Develop sufficient critical thinking skills to assess science and technology issues as citizens and in society.