Office of Assessment

Political Science

Political Science Mission Statement

The Department of Political Science strives to provide students with learning opportunities and analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that promote their knowledge of politics, their understanding of the American and global political societies, their ability to become independent, moral decision-makers, and their standing as members of their communities both local and global.


Political Science Major Goals and Learning Objectives  

The Department of Political Science strives to meet the academic needs of its (1) Majors in political science; (2) students minoring in Political science; and (3) students taking political science courses to satisfy General Education or as an elective. The Department’s program of study is designed to promote an understanding of the various fields of study within the discipline of political science; the application of political science to the civic responsibility; and the manner by which students of political science practice the craft of the discipline.   


Program Goals

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the principles, theories, and concepts of politics.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of political behavior and political participation.
  3. Knowledge and understanding of ideas of political community.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of the structure and functioning of the governmental process.
  5. Knowledge and understanding of the public policy process and the impact of policy upon society and its individuals.
  6. Knowledge and understanding of the politics of the global community.
  7. The ability to conduct empirical and normative political inquiry and analysis.
  8. Promotion of citizenship and preparing of students to become constructive members of society and participants in public affairs.


Learning Objectives

The Program is designed to provide students with the following knowledge and understanding of political science:

Knowledge of the American governmental system

  1. The institutions of government and their behavior
  2. The philosophical and legal foundations of government

Knowledge of political culture

  1. Political values and beliefs
  2. Importance of political culture
  3. Political socialization

Knowledge of political participation

  1. Forms of interest articulation
  2. Electoral behavior
  3. Political parties and interest group behavior
  4. Political social movements

Knowledge of world politics

  1. Types of international actors
  2. Relationships among international actors
  3. International institutions and association
  4. The politics of globalization

Knowledge of political ideas and ideology

  1. The political philosophical tradition
  2. Understanding political ideology

Knowledge of public policy and public goods and services

  1. The policy making process
  2. Public law
  3. Policy outcomes and impacts


The Program is designed to provide students with the following skills and abilities:

Analytical skills

  1. Analytical reasoning
  2. Statistical and data analysis appropriate for the discipline
  3. Problem identification and problem solving
  4. Comparative analysis
  5. Critical reading

Communication skills

  1. Expository writing
  2. Active listening
  3. Oral Communication

Research and Technological skills

  1. The ability to conduct and present research
  2. Technology appropriate for the discipline
  3. Information technology appropriate for the discipline

Group based skills

  1. Ability to function in teams
  2. Group interactive skills