Office of Assessment

Pre-Engineering Mission Statement

Framingham State University’s Pre-Engineering program establishes a freshman and sophomore curriculum leading to a B.S. degree in one of the engineering disciplines: civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, nuclear, or plastics at a State University offering a B.S. engineering degree program. FSU plans to formalize articulation agreements with the University of Massachusetts-Lowell; and proposed cooperation with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth for articulation into a B.S. degree program in chemical, civil, computer systems, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst; civil, computer, electrical, or mechanical engineering at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.


Pre-Engineering Major Learning Objectives

The department decided the following learning objectives will be the primary goals of the PEN program. Students in the PEN program will:

  1. Acquire foundational knowledge of physics, math, chemistry, and related subjects, as well as critical thinking skills and facility with the scientific method.
  2. Acquire laboratory skills.
  3. Develop critical thinking skills to assess science and technology issues as citizens and in society.
  4. Acquire knowledge of the breadth and scope of engineering, including an understanding of the design process used by engineers.
  5. Acquire an ability to work collaboratively.
  6. Be prepared to enter one of University of Massachusetts system B.S. degree programs in engineering.