Letter from the President


It is my pleasure to present the Framingham State University Strategic Plan for 2017-2022. This Strategic Plan is the result of a grassroots effort involving dozens of faculty, staff, alumni, partners and friends of the University. The resulting document is detailed, comprehensive, ambitious and well-developed. It lays out a bold but achievable vision for the future of Framingham State.

When I arrived at FSU in 2014, I was happy to learn that strategic planning was already a part of the institutional culture here. I believe this plan complements and builds upon our most recent 5-year Strategic Plan and is the most collaborative effort the University has undertaken to date.  I’d like express my sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped craft the plan by offering their time and insight.

Now that it is finalized, the real work begins. It will take community-wide buy-in and commitment to accomplish the goals laid out in this Strategic Plan. As you will see, the plan not only includes what we want to achieve, but also the strategies we believe will help get us there. We have developed important metrics to track our progress and hold ourselves accountable along the way.

Those of us in higher education are facing a number of serious challenges over the next several years, including a projected decline in the number of high school graduates, increasing pressure to maintain our affordability, and more demand for student services. I believe this Strategic Plan will position Framingham State University to not only weather these challenges, but to advance our position as an innovator in higher education, a leader in inclusive excellence and a thriving living-learning community committed to student success.


President's Signature

Javier Cevallos, PhD
Framingham State University