Vision-Advancing Overarching Goals

Academic Distinction and Student Success 

  • Provide a high-quality, highly relevant education, rooted in the arts and sciences, that is transformative, distinctive, and responsive to evolving student, workforce, and societal needs
  • Prepare students to be ethical and engaged citizens committed to public purpose, inspired to serve, and eager to play leadership roles in their communities, workplaces and the wider world
  • Provide student services and support systems that promote achievement of educational, personal, and career goal

Inclusive Excellence and Organizational Effectiveness

  • Be a vibrant and inclusive community that attracts and retains students, staff, and faculty who embrace the University’s core values and will enrich campus life with their presence and engagement
  • Foster a climate and provide necessary tools and support to ensure that every member of the campus community has the opportunity to thrive and succeed
  • Provide the physical, technological, and administrative infrastructure necessary to create a work environment that promotes excellence, encourages innovation, facilitates collaboration, and supports achievement of strategic goals

Reputation, Relationships, and Resources

  • Establish a public identity and reputation that reflect FSU’s impressive academic strengths, comprehensive co-curricular activities, as well as its contributions to and impact in the wider world
  • Play a critical and catalytic role as a partner in the MetroWest region’s economic, social, and cultural development
  • Establish a financial resources model to promote long-term stability and sustainability, affordability, and demonstrable return on investment