Student Freddy Watson

Freddy Watson '20


Freddy Watson

As a transfer student coming into Framingham State University for my junior year, I was hesitant about the transition into a new college. I already had the pressure to be the first in my family to graduate college as a first-generation student. However, once I had arrived at Framingham State University I realized that I wasn’t alone and that there were other "Generation One" students supporting me. The support I received from the community really motivated me to help guide other students on campus who are just like me.

Since I knew I wanted to make a difference on campus, I pursued two of the most prominent leadership roles: Orientation Leader and Resident Assistant. As an Orientation Leader I was able to gain confidence. The team dynamic soon became a family dynamic, and I found my home on this campus. I wasn't sure what new experiences could be in store for me as a senior, but working as a Resident Assistant has taught more more than I ever expected. It taught me the importance of taking care of others, but also the importance of taking care of yourself. Taking on these leadership positions really made me feel like a role model. The connections I made along the way have allowed me to meet influential people that have impacted my future.

Framingham State University has provided me with networking opportunities that have helped me gain internships. Career Services and Employer Relations offers a program called Suitable Solutions, which has given me skills that I can bring into the workforce to make me a competitive applicant for jobs post-graduation. The Suitable Solutions program is a unique college experience that has helped me with real-life experiences. Being a part of the community here at Framingham State University has given me the expertise needed to assure me that I will be successful.