Kate Moran ’12


Kate Moran

Just four years after graduating from Framingham State’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Kate Moran has already built an impressive résumé in her young career. 

After serving as the registered dietitian for dining services at Brandeis and Bryant universities, she was offered a job as a sports dietitian for SodexoMAGIC at the new Minnesota Twins Academy in Fort Myers, Florida.

There, she advises minor leaguers and pro athletes on how eating healthy can maximize their performance and accelerate the healing process.

“Guys who are here with injuries want to know how they can get back on the field as quickly as possible,” says Moran, who is also launching a part-time consulting business and blog. “Others are looking to lose body fat and build muscle.”

Moran consults one-on-one with players and leads group classes and discussions. She says her nutritional advice varies based on an individual’s dietary restrictions and overall goals. But in general, Moran says, she advises everyone to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, heart-healthy fats and low-fatdairy.

“It’s a process,” she says. “Some guys have never eaten a vegetable in their life. Others are sponges for information that will give them a competitive edge.”

Moran says professional athletes often struggle with nutrition because they are on the road throughout much of the year. For the upcoming season, she puttogether a 75-page e-book that the players can use while traveling to make smart choices about their nutrition.

“It can be a struggle when you are constantly eating out at restaurants, in hotels or relying on someone else to provide food in the clubhouse,” she says. “I hope the book will be a good resource. But at the end of the day, it’s up to them.”

Spring training is the most exciting time of year at the Academy as all major league players report to camp. Moran is hoping to get a chance to connect with one player in particular this year.

“I’m really hoping to meet David Ortiz when the Red Sox play here,” she says. “It’s his last season, so that would be pretty cool.”

Moran credits the challenging coordinated dietetics program at FSU with helping to advance her career.

“The dietetics program was very competitive, and it was a struggle at times to get through,” she admits. “But I had professors who really believed in me and kept me going. In the end, it comes down to hard work, believing in yourself and being positive. Networking is also huge.”

In addition to her job with SodexoMAGIC, Moran recently launched her own part-time business called, The Educated Plate. She offers several one-on-one services, such as kitchen makeovers, grocery store tours and healthy meal planning. Moran is also available for public speaking events. To learn more, visit her Web site www.educatedplate.com