Kiara Davis

Kiara Davis '20


Kiara Davis

Coming into a new school as a transfer student is always difficult in terms of getting settled into the new campus' culture. Here at Framingham State, I found that this problem did not exist for me.

My current roles on campus have provided me with an sense of belonging. I am currently a student employee of the Career Services and Employer Relations office, which assists students with everything from finding jobs and internships, to preparing resumès and holding mock interviews. I am also a RAMS Academic Strategy Mentor, helping new incoming freshmen get equipped for the college experience in such a way as to promote their overall academic success here at Framingham State.

Before coming to Framingham State, I did not know for certain what I actually wanted to do with my life. After taking a few sociology and anthropology courses, I have discovered this new passion for sociology. Now, my educational goal is to go on to earn a doctorate in sociology.