Finance student Mike Fleurime standing in Hemenway Labs atrium

Michel Fleurime '19


Mike Fleurime

I came to FSU as an introverted commuter student with ambitious academic goals. My first semester consisted of commuting from Brockton to Framingham and working the overnight shifts at Franciscan Children's CBAT Unit as a residential counselor 32 hours per week.

I attended various events on campus, such as the Employment and Enjoyment Fair, before discovering The FSU Marketing Club. In the past two years I have served as both the president and treasurer of the club, which has helped me reach outside of my comfort zone to connect with other business students and leaders on campus. These connections and conversations further led me to discover the FSU Entrepreneur Innovation Center (EIC), where I am currently the business operations coordinator. 

The EIC internship program has helped me grow professionally, providing me with real-world experiences in finance and marketing. This program has opened a lot of doors for me in terms of the different industries I have been able to explore. The director, professor Mark Hardie, has been really supportive and motivating throughout my development as a fellow innovator. Recently, he has encouraged me to pursue the challenge of running a successful coffee cart located in Hemenway Annex.

In addition to participating in clubs and internships, I have also supported my peers who were enrolled in a Business Calculus course this semester as a supplemental instruction leader.

I am very grateful for the opportunities presented to me by Framingham State University. I can also say that I will be well-equipped for life after college as a confident finance honors student with more than a year of hands-on experience to showcase.