Samir Leal '16

Computer Science

Samir Leal

I'm a 20 year old senior studying computer science with a concentration on software development, and I'm the Treasurer of the Computer Science Club. I have been commuting to FSU since freshman year. I live 30 minutes away, in Hudson. I chose FSU because it's near my home and it's affordable, plus I got to save more money by commuting, which means I'll owe less when I graduate.

I worked for the IT Department on campus my sophomore year. It was a great experience and as a commuter, it helped keep me on campus longer. I met a lot of new friends too!

This summer I interned at EMC in Hopkinton as a software developer. It was a paid internship and I learned a lot. I'll be graduating May 2016, and I hope to get a full time job as a software engineer starting in the summer after my graduation.

Feel free to say "Hi" if you see me around campus! By the way, if you're interested in joining the computer science club, then speak with me or Professor Keil from the Computer Science Department.