Sarah Horwitz '18

Mathematics, Minor in Economics

Sarah Horwitz

When I first came to Framingham State, I already knew about the incredible education program that our school has to offer. This was one of the biggest factors when I made my decision to become an FSU Ram, as I wanted to be a math teacher. I have always enjoyed math and I love working with kids, so putting two and two together, I journeyed on the path to becoming a middle school math teacher.

Soon after I began observation in a local sixth-grade math classroom as part of FSU's Field I Placement course, I realized that I didn't share the same excitement about being in the classroom as my peers. This led me to the difficult decision to drop my concentration in secondary education. All of my life, I had thought I wanted to be a teacher, and I had never considered another career path. The unknown for the future was one of the most overwhelming feelings I have ever felt, and the possibilities were infinite, yet time-concerning, as I was now going to be a junior in college and needed some sort of path to follow.

Fortunately enough, I was elected SATF Treasurer for the Student Government Association, which involved the overseeing of how our funds are being spent in terms of clubs and organizations. This position allowed me to create and analyze budgets, as well as keep track of different financial accounts. Throughout my year of working as treasurer, I have come to realize that I love to analyze and work with budgets, perfecting different strategies in creating fair opportunities, and discovering solutions to various financial problems. Working in this position has allowed me to determine my career path for the future.

I have now added an economics minor, and I am looking to work as a financial risk analyst in the future. Through the various opportunities that Framingham State University has allowed me, I have discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible. With new experiences, supportive faculty, and an array of involvement, FSU has helped me me realize that sometimes your original path may not be the right one, and it is through these experiences that you will find out where you're meant to be.