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Dr. Steven Moysey


Steve Moysey

Having led multinational business groups and entrepreneurial technology startups for much of his career, Professor Steve Moysey knows a lot about how and why companies succeed or fail.

Now, he’s looking to share that knowledge with Framingham State business students, as director of the University’s MBA program and a new Master of Science (MS) program he is developing.

“A large part of my research and background is focused on how and why companies fail in the face of disruptive technology,” says Moysey, who transitioned into teaching while earning his PhD in management and psychology from Tufts University. “This is a highly relevant topic for industry today, given the increasing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in business and the lack of programs available to address it.”

Moysey hopes to fill that gap through the launch of the MS program with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. Unlike the MBA program, which is designed for people already in the workforce, the MS program is ideal for recent bachelor’s degree graduates. Moysey is working with his contacts at Tufts University, which has a program in Human Artificial Intelligence Interface, to develop two courses for the MS degree that look at how organizations will function in the age of artificial intelligence.

“It’s estimated that in 10 to 15 years, 45 percent of the world’s jobs will be impacted by AI in one way or another,” he says. “We want our leadership graduates to have a good appreciation for what that will mean and how to respond to it. This will also be a feature of the MBA program as we move forward, ensuring our program stays very relevant.”