Program Leading to Undergraduate Success (PLUS)

The PLUS (Program Leading to Undergraduate Success) Program

The PLUS program is coordinated by the Academic Advising Center.   The goal is to support Federal Pell Grant eligible first-year and/or first generation students with the tools, resources, and community connection necessary to succeed at FSU! PLUS students will have the opportunity to address their academic and personal concerns. Students will meet regularly with staff and peers who will assist them as they work toward reaching their goals. 

To be considered for a spot in PLUS, students should be:

  • First time/first-year students at Framingham State University 
  • Eligible for the Federal Pell Grant as determined by the Financial Aid Office. If you are unsure if this applies to you check your Financial Aid Award Letter. You may verify this with the Financial Aid Office at 508-626-4534 or
  • First Generation College Students (one or both parents did not attend college or complete a degree).  Even if there was an older sibling who attended college, you are still "First Gen".
  • Motivated to get a strong start on your path to a successful college experience!

 PLUS guides and supports students through:

  • Regular meetings with the PLUS Program Academic Advisor
  • 1:1 support from PLUS program mentors who meet with students on a regular basis and are available to offer guidance and support as needed 
  • Fostering academic and life management skills to succeed in the first-year and beyond
  • A series of workshops focused on topics including time management, overcoming procrastination, managing multiple priorities, finding jobs, internships, and other opportunities, choosing courses, major and minors, and so much more!
  • Helping students connect with FSU staff, faculty, and other students through small group events, workshops, social activities, and service opportunities!

This program is limited to not more than 40 students each year so that we may stay true to our mission of providing individualized support.

Academic Advisor, Erin Coughlin-Doherty, is the current Program Coordinator.  To learn more about the program and if it is a good fit for you, please contact Erin via phone at 508-626-4907 or via email: