Academic Strategy Peer Tutoring (ASPT)

Academic Strategy Peer Tutors (ASPT)

The Academic Strategy Peer Tutoring (ASPT) program is specifically designed to help students navigate the transition from high school to college.  Academic Strategy Peer Tutors serve as academic mentors and role models and work one-on-one with students throughout the semester to develop academic skills including: study skills, time management strategies, note taking skills, and test taking strategies.

While the ASPT program largely supports first-year students, any student can choose to work with an ASPT. Students who wish to meet with an ASPT should see Emily Turcotte, Academic Success Coordinator for Peer-Led Instruction.

Carlos Febres-Cordero

Major: History
Minor:Museum Studies

“During my time at FSU, I have had the pleasure of working with excellent folks at CASA. During Fall 2023, I had the chance to work as a peer mentor for the RAMS 101 program- a fulfilling experience helping out first-year students at FSU. I am now an ASPT working one-on-one developing organizational skills, checking in with students on how the semester is going and developing strategies to excel academically."

Bella Baglio

Major: Criminology
Minors: Psychology and Sociology

“I enjoy being an ASPT because it allows me to help out fellow students. I am able to help them with things that I struggled with as a student. I am also able to be there for them with questions that they might have about a variety of subjects.”

Evelyn Campbell

Major: Communications
Minor: Marketing

“I love being an ASPT because I love being able to help students succeed on their higher education journey! A piece of advice I have for student is use the resources available on campus! We have so many opportunities on campus that students often overlook, but they are there for a reason. Use resources like CASA to make your college career a little easier.”

Ryan Mikelis

Major: Political Science
Minor: History

"I love being an ASPT because I can be a friendly and helpful person that students can look up to for help with academics and the overall adjustment to college. A piece of advice for new students would be to get involved. Trust me, getting involved on campus has completely changed my life. It may be told to you time and time again, but find a job, club, or organization that you are passionate about and join! FSU offers endless opportunities for involvement, but it's up to you to take them."

For questions about ASPT, please contact: 

Emily Turcotte, Academic Success Coordinator for Peer-Led Instruction


Ally Chisholm, Associate Director for Academic Success