Academic Strategy Peer Tutoring (ASPT)

Academic Strategy Peer Tutors (ASPT)

The Academic Strategy Peer Tutoring (ASPT) program is specifically designed to help new students navigate the transition from high school to college.  Academic Strategy Peer Tutors serve as academic mentors and role models and work one-on-one with students throughout the semester to develop academic skills including: study skills, time management strategies, note taking skills, and test taking strategies.

While the ASPT program largely supports first-year students, any student can choose to work with an ASPT. Students who wish to meet with an ASPT should see Ally Chisholm, Academic Success Coordinator, for more information.  


Ashley Merola


Ashley is an English major with minors in secondary education and Spanish. She is an active participant in English Club, Education Club, Pride Alliance, and Pelham Pals. Ashley's advice is to "organize your time using an agenda, or another form of a planner, to reduce procrastination and overall stress."

Danielle Keating

Business Management

Danielle is a senior business management major enrolled in the Honors Program. Danielle's advice is to not "get discouraged because there are always opportunities and plenty of resources available for everyone to improve."


Jennie is a junior English major with minors in secondary education and sociology. She is involved in the Education Club, English Club, Phi Kappa Phi, and the Honors Program. Her Advice to students is to "make time for self care, whatever that means to you. Academics will feel less overwhelming when you take care of yourself."

Kaycie Hippolyte


Kaycie is a sophomore psychology major. Her advice to students is "to never be afraid of asking for help. There are so many resources available on campus that you shouldn't feel like you have to deal with anything alone."

Kat Blum

Psychology and Art

Kat is a senior psychology and art major. She is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society. Kat's advice is to "be proactive in making your college experience exactly what you want it to be."

Marie Phanord

Psychology and Biology

Marie is a junior with majors in psychology and biology. She is also a Foundations peer mentor. Her advice is "don't be afraid to ask for help."


Rylee is a psychology major and is enrolled in the Honors Program. She is also works in the Undergraduate Admissions office. Rylee's advice is to "never be afraid to ask for help when you need it."

Shayna Charlton


Shayna is a sophomore history major. Shayna states, "you are choosing to better yourself when you ask for help. Don't be afraid!"

Sydney Buono

Communication Arts

Sydney is a senior communication arts major. She also works for student transportation and is a TA in a communication class. Sydney's advice is to "take advantage of all opportunities that come your way."

Hailey Small

Elementary Education/Sociology

Hailey is a senior elementary education major with concentrations in sociology and English. She is involved in Alternative Spring Break, First-Year Programs, and intramural soccer. Hailey's advice is "FSU is what you make of it! Find your space or create it if it isn't there yet."



Matt is a senior finance major. He is also the sports editor for The Gatepost. He wants first-year students "to realize that college work is very different from high school work."

Amber Magin

Elementary Education/Psychology

Amber is a senior elementary education and psychology major. She is part of the Dance Team, Education Club, and SGA. Amber's advice is "reach out to your professors early in the course, even just to clarify something small. This way, when harder questions and problems in the class come up later, you have begun to form this relationship with the professor! They want you to succeed!"

For questions about ASPT, please contact: 

Ally Chisholm, Academic Success Coordinator

Dr. LaDonna Bridges, Associate Dean of Academic Success