Make-Up Finals



The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) administers make-up finals in instances where the student contacts the course instructor, and the course instructor determines that the final exam was missed for justifiable reasons. In all circumstances, the student must complete the Incomplete Grade Request form linked and attached to this email.

IC for missed final exam

For Incomplete Grade Requests where a missed final exam is the only outstanding coursework, faculty will have the option of the following make-up exam dates in CASA. Other arrangements may be made with CASA as necessary.

  • Friday, Dec. 21, at 1pm
  • Thursday, Jan. 3, at 10am
  • Friday, Jan. 4, at 10am

 Note: In the case of only a missed final exam, the Incomplete Grade Request form may be submitted to CASA along with the final exam; CASA will follow up with the Registrar’s Office. There is no need to file anything with the academic deans.

It is preferred that final exams be hand delivered by faculty to Vikky Angelico in CASA; final exams and forms can also be emailed to and Each exam should be clearly marked with the professor’s name, student’s name, and student ID number. Please complete the attached Make-up Exam form for each exam. Use of the following materials without your written permission will not be allowed:  notes, open books, calculators, etc.

While pick-up of final exams in person guarantees the security of exams, faculty may also request that the final exam be scanned and emailed to them. Only faculty or staff may pick up exams; students will not be allowed to transport final exams under any circumstances. If you would like to see if a student has completed a make-up final exam, Vikky can be reached at 508-626-4627.

For Incomplete Grade Requests that include more coursework beyond or in addition to a final exam, all materials required for course completion should be sent to the academic dean who oversees the college in which the course is offered. Please see the revised policy: Incomplete Grade Request Policy.

Make Up Final Form