Biology SI Leaders

BIOL 101-001/002

Brianne is an Elementary Education major with a coordinate in English from Worcester, MA. She hopes to share her love of reading and writing as a teacher after graduation, and became an SI Leader to give her experience by mentoring her peers. She loves to read, knit, and spend time with her amazing friends.

BIOL 130-001/002

Aafreen is a Biology major with a Neuroscience minor, born in Hyderabad, India and currently living in Hopkinton, MA. She became an SI Leader because of her interest in biology and hopes to specialize in genetic and infectious disease research in the future. She loves to explore new places and is obsessed with bubble tea.

BIOL 160-001/002

Kaylan is a Biology major with a concentration in Wildlife Biology from Millis, MA. She loves learning the way life works “down to the smallest molecule.” Kaylan has an irrational love for all things feline in particular- and has the cat posters and stuffed animals to prove it. She enjoys drawing and reading in her spare time.

BIOL 160-003/004

Shanzah is a Biology major with a concentration in Biotechnology from Charlton, MA. She understands that biology is a difficult subject and as an SI Leader, wants to help students better understand what she feels is a fascinating subject. In her spare time, she loves to read historical fiction and bake sweets.

BIOL 109-001/002

Lee is a Biology major from Burlington, MA who plans to go to medical school after FSU. They became an SI Leader because they love working with others, especially their peers. Lee likes to listen to music, watch tv and paint in their spare time. They are also a vegetarian.

BIOL 208-001/002/003

Michael is studying Biology and Neuroscience at FSU. On-campus you can find him holding SI sessions or working as a Biology Lab Technician. Off-campus he is a husband and father of two. Michael also is a member of COCHORAS- the NWS volunteer weather reporters. His favorite hobbies are playing with his kids or one of his five cats.

BIOL 208-001/002/003

Anasemon is a Biology major from Natick, MA. She wants to help students who’s shoes she was in just a year ago and is very passionate about genetics. Anasemon loves to do yoga, spend time outdoors hiking, kayaking and canoeing or snowboarding and ice skating in the winter. She also likes to collect and make candles.

BIOL 208-001/002/003

Kerri is a Biology major with a concentration in Pre-Health who intends become a Physician’s Assistant in an Emergency Room. A Framingham local, she hopes to share her love for genetics and help her students enjoy the class as much as she did. In her spare time Kerri enjoys photography and hiking around cities (especially Boston).

BIOL 208-001/002/003

Julia is a Biology major with a concentration in wildlife from Woburn, MA. She's always been drawn to nature and is happiest when outside exploring or interacting with animals. She wanted to become a SI Leader to give back and provide others with the support she received when she took Genetics. Julia also enjoys birding, hiking and photography.