Chemistry SI Leaders

Kevin Guzman

CHEM 208-001

Kevin is a Junior Biochemistry major. He became an SI leader because he struggled with this course and attending SI sessions helped him succeed. If he has free time, Kevin is probably playing games with his friends.

Amanda Martin

CHEM 107-04S

Amanda is a senior majoring in Biochemistry with an ACS approved concentration here at Framingham State. She is from Norfolk, MA. On campus, you might also see Amanda working as an SDA or photographing for The Gatepost. She wanted to be an SI leader because she really enjoys this chemistry course in particular and she want to help other students succeed in it.

Jared McShane

CHEM 107-003

Jared is a Sophomore at Framingham State majoring in Chemistry. He is from Norwich, CT and he became an SI Leader to get more involved in the local community. In his free time, Jared writes, records, produces, and performs original songs.

Jamiyae Mattress

CHEM 107-04S

Jamiyae is a Sophomore Biochemistry major with a minor in Mathematics. She is from Greenville, South Carolina. She wanted to become an SI Leader because she loves school and learning about the different concepts of Chemistry. She wants to help others find their passion and succeed in chemistry. Jamiyae is a member of the volleyball team and she enjoys crocheting, and spending time with friends and family.

Daniel Oldham

CHEM 107-002

Daniel is a Chemistry major from Leominster, MA. He enjoys understanding natural phenomena and wants to help his students understand difficult concepts and share in his passion for chemistry. You can find Daniel at the gym, playing pool in the McCarthy game room or listening to classic rock “way too loud."

Jonny Rua

CHEM 108-001

Jonny is a Chemistry major with a minor in Math. He is also a Senior. Jonny is from Milford, MA. He enjoys playing any type of games with friends.

Jess Vinskus

CHEM 207-001/002

Jessica is a Sophomore, double majoring in Chemistry and Environmental Science. She is from the town of West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She decided to become an SI because she hopes to help others find a passion in the subject and develop a greater understanding of the difficult chemistry topics. She is also a SEALS peer health educator on campus and enjoys sewing in her free time.

Allie Wahr

CHEM 207-001/002

Allie is a junior Biology Pre-Health major and is also part of the Honors program on campus. She is from Wilbraham, Ma. Allie became an SI because she really enjoyed Organic Chemistry and valued the time she spent attending SI. Her interests include reading, binge watching TV, and drinking coffee.

Ryan Yellamaty

CHEM 301-001

Ryan is a Biology major from Waltham, MA who has always loved science and learning about the mechanisms that create and support life down to the smallest molecule. Ryan is a musician and a member of the Framingham State Chorus. He loves to play guitar and sing. He also says that he could "spend hours" talking Game of Thrones.