Chemistry SI Leaders

CHEM 108-001/002/003

Ryan is a Biology major from Waltham, MA who has always loved science and learning about the mechanisms that create and support life down to the smallest molecule. Ryan is a musician and a member of the Framingham State Chorus. He loves to play guitar and singing. He also says that he could “spend hours” talking Game of Thrones.

CHEM 107-001/002/003

Coming Soon!

CHEM 108-007/008/009

Daniel is a Chemistry major from Leominster, MA. He enjoys understanding natural phenomena and wants to help his students understand difficult concepts and share in his passion for chemistry. You can find Daniel at the gym, playing pool in the McCarthy game room or listening to classic rock “way too loud."

CHEM 107-001/002/003

Mercedes is a Biology major from Cambridge, MA who hopes to attend medical school after FSU. She knows CHEM 107 is difficult, but wants to pass on the skills and knowledge it takes for her students to succeed as she did. Mercedes loves to spend time going to lunch, shopping or watching movies with friends. She also loves to cook.

CHEM 207-001/002

Matthew is a Biochemistry major from Lowell, MA. He knows that CHEM 207 can be an intense course- one that he himself struggled in, but he wants to encourage his students to challenge themselves and give his students the confidence they need to excel. In his spare time, he likes to dance and to cook. He can also recite the entire alphabet backwards.

CHEM 208-001/002/003/004/005

Emily is a Chemistry major from Newington, CT. Though she came to FSU for nutrition, she fell in love with the complexity of chemistry. She hopes to help students avoid the same struggles she faced with certain areas of CHEM 207. Emily loves spending time with her friends, going for walks and dogs- she has a toy poodle named Izzy.